Success Vs Failure

I crave success

Most people in my generation idolise success, as if it was a person. Success is often portrayed in social media purely as something materialistic. I beg to differ; success is what you make it out to be.

There are loads of different types of success: academic, fitness, sports, careers, popularity on social media and many more.

To me the type of success which is most important is the feeling of accomplishment or happiness after completing or achieving something.

Success is more than the money and fame; it’s what you gain out of the experience which shapes you to become a better person. The ultimate aim for many, including myself, is to be the best person that you can possibly be. Personally, this means being as kind, open minded, adventurous, insightful, wise and hard working as I can.

We all hope to achieve big goals and aims one day; we must stay driven to achieve them. When you finally do, you can celebrate that success to your hearts content. But til then, don’t forget to recognise your small successes. Finally finished revising that topic you hated… and you finally understood it? SUCCESS! Finally reduced your 1 mile run time after months of slow improvement? SUCCESS! Finally woke up early and had a full on productive day? SUCCESS!

Recognise these small milestones, they’ll keep you motivated and help you keep sight of the end goal. Without recognising these small achievements, your path will seem longer, harder and more draining.

And then there’s the other side: failure.

We will all inevitably experience failure. No matter how positive a person you are, there will be at least 1 occassion when failure will upset or annoy you, even if it’s just a tiny bit.

The best thing to do is to channel that negative energy into something productive.

There genuinely is no point in wallowing in one’s sorrows; it is a waste of time and energy. That time and energy can be much better used trying to improve oneself. Try to address why that failure occurred; evaluate yourself and the situation. Be active in the process of improvement and take whatever actions are needed. If the reasons for the failure were out of your control, which can often be particularly annoying, then look for a plan B to achieve the aim of plan A. Remember, the plan may change but the aim doesn’t neccessarily have to change too. Don’t give up… as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, keep persevering and stay resilient.

Stay determined, stay positive, stay productive;





The Bigger Picture 

Life is crazy. To think that we are living beings living in an environment moulded by us …. Rules that we made… The concepts and ideas that we force upon people were made by other random people
Earth is only a small fragment of the universe. We have NO idea of what could be out there in the very far and beyond.

Is there a parallel universe? Is there just plain space?

In this world, there’s space in the smallest units. Within atoms, the smallest unit of matter, there’s space between the electrons and protons etc

What does that “empty” space consist of?

I’ll have moments of zoning out, at which times questions like this will flood my mind.

Instead of getting dragged down by petty daily dramas, just stop and think of the bigger picture. The universe is so vast and UNKNOWN that we must be part of something greater.

The point I’m trying to make here is:

Expand your minds

When you put everything into perspective, the 1st world daily struggles we face seem minuscule;

Peace over conflict

Personally, I like the idea of being a peaceful person. I don’t like to be the cause of negativity or stress or any fights. I don’t like unnecessary conflict or confrontation.
Peacefulness is bliss; no stress and no worries. That’s why I try to be as peaceful of a person as possible.
The world is already a harsh place, and I don’t think that the world needs anymore anger or stress amongst its people. So if everyone tried to be peaceful, our lives would have much less stress due to people.
I think the key to to avoiding conflict is quite simply the act of understanding.
Try to understand why someone has done something wrong. What’s the underlying reason? Is the situation deeper than what’s on show on the surface? Try to get into the person’s mind, that’s where they’re most vulnerable. People try to hide internal conflicts in their mind, and use stupid actions as a cover up.
Be cautious when dealing with heated situations, and always maintain a high ground. The view from up there is much more eye opening.
So…I encourage you all to try to be peaceful. Adopt a clear positive mind in adverse situations, and see how clear your conscious feels after. Nothing beats the feeling of no regrets;


Power is a weird thing. It’s something that people can use for both good and bad.

I believe that the mind is very powerful. It is the mind which can control you. Your mind controls how you think and what you think.

Often people say that you can’t control the mind fully, which I agree with. However I believe that the mind can control you as much as you give it the power to do so.

Mindset is very important. Mindset influences how you react in different situations and how situations can affect you. Maintain a positive and logical mindset, and your life will become less stressful. I know from personal experience.

I don’t like negativity. That doesn’t mean that negativity will stay away from me. It will definitely creep up on me many times, but I will not give it the power to adversely affect me. No. I will give the power to my positive mindset to deal with the negativity calmly and peacefully.

I’ve made the choice to uphold this positive mindset, and it’s this choice which has made me a more peaceful person.

No one knows the key to happiness, but I’m a firm believer that happiness comes from within. Strike balance, positivity and clarity within.

See how much of a difference mindset can make for you;


The Journey

For those who are lucky enough to know exactly what they want to achieve in life, may it be career goals or fitness goals, a winding path leads the way. More often than not, the journey along that path won’t be easy, especially if your goals require persistent and consistent hard work.

It’s easy to lose sight of the end goal amidst the struggles of the journey, but you must not lose focus. Your path won’t be straightforward and it may take many attempts to get there, but you shouldn’t stop persevering. Regardless of how long it takes, maintain focus and take action which will near you to the goal. Keep reassuring yourself that you WILL get there, especially if you have a genuine passion to achieve that goal.

It’s the journey that teaches you.

It’s the journey that lets you grow as a person.

It’s the journey that will expose you to many new experiences.

It’s the journey that will allow you to become wiser and more knowledgeable.

So enjoy the journey.

It is the above mindset which has prevented me from stressing about the future and has provided self-reassurance that I will make it, one day.



Throughout my relatively short life, I’ve had many experiences so far. Each experience has taught me something or has allowed me to reach an epiphany. I wanted a way to convey these thoughts I have. Blogging seemed like the most convenient platform, so here I am. I’m not much of a writer so this is a new experience in itself.

Here’s hoping that I’ll achieve something from this blog!