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Sharing our culture

A reflection on a passion of mine: Bhangra.

Bhangra is a traditional punjabi folk dance, originating from a northern state of India called Punjab.

There is a growing Bhangra scene across the world. Something that really warms my heart is seeing people from other cultures grow passionate about this dance style.

I’ve noticed that there are teams that have more non-punjabi’s than punjabi’s, who still dance their hearts out on stage. It makes me proud as a punjabi person to see such enjoyment in these dancers’ faces as they get fully involved in something that is a prominent part of my rich culture.

Bhangra is a beautiful yet powerful dance style in its own right, with punjabi culture rooted deeply within the traditional dance moves. 

The beauty of cultural dances is that they are open for everyone to try. They’re a very fun and active way to learn about other cultures. I would most definitely recommend trying a dance from a different culture; a very enriching experience indeed.

0:39 thoughts – We are multidimensional 

A short blabbering of some random thoughts.

We are multidimensional 

Often we feel the need to label ourselves, and in most cases we do so by our occupation or what we are studying.

It’s important to remember that as humans we are all multidimensional.

Yes we have our career oriented side, but we may also have a side that’s passionate about a hobby, or a side that’s dedicated to caring for family or a side that’s in love with travelling the world.

A while back I felt a bit lost about myself and needed to do something to restore some confidence. I decided to list down the many different things that I am. The longer the list grew, the more I reminded myself of how much I’ve accomplished in my life so far.

It put a few things into perspective and gave me that much needed boost.

I would most definitely recommend this to anyone else in a rut. Regardless of how few dimensions you think you have, this exercise will force you to analyse yourself and realise how much you have to offer as a person.

When people meet me, depending on the situation, they often encounter only one dimension of me. I have an internal conflict where I want to share all dimensions of me at once but I also want to hold something back, as if I’m packaging a surprise to be opened later. 

I guess if people stick around for long enough, they’ll see a lot more!

If not, hopefully what they do encounter still leaves a positive mark. 

Either way I shouldn’t forget what I am.