The Bigger Picture 

Life is crazy. To think that we are living beings living in an environment moulded by us …. Rules that we made… The concepts and ideas that we force upon people were made by other random people
Earth is only a small fragment of the universe. We have NO idea of what could be out there in the very far and beyond.

Is there a parallel universe? Is there just plain space?

In this world, there’s space in the smallest units. Within atoms, the smallest unit of matter, there’s space between the electrons and protons etc

What does that “empty” space consist of?

I’ll have moments of zoning out, at which times questions like this will flood my mind.

Instead of getting dragged down by petty daily dramas, just stop and think of the bigger picture. The universe is so vast and UNKNOWN that we must be part of something greater.

The point I’m trying to make here is:

Expand your minds

When you put everything into perspective, the 1st world daily struggles we face seem minuscule;

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